Celina Kamler


Celina Kamler is an artist and educator. She has also been a bilingual teacher, an education researcher, an administrator, and a social justice advocate. In her previous roles, she managed an early literacy non-profit program and led a network of after-school providers. She is a fierce proponent of messy art, playing hard, and allowing kids to just be free. Celina also believes in the power of storytelling to open doors to difficult conversations about race, culture, privilege, and other facets of identity. She writes and illustrates books that cultivate empathy and break stereotypes.

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Celina now lives on the island of Alameda with her husband, two sons, and one dog. They frequently enjoy messy art days in their backyard, where the boys channel Banksy and Jackson Pollock with splatters and spray paint.

[photo credit: jennheflin.com]

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